Thank you to rate my game with honor :P

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Tags2D, Construct 2, exkyo, Game Jam, grapple, jam, Pixel Art, shoot, woowiejam


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La suite! La suite 

Really cool idea and game, I found that lvl 3 doesn't reset correctly which allowed me to bypass getting the extra grappling hooks.

Hey, thanks for giving me feedback !

I really like this game, but there is bug where you can just shoot threw doors and beat level immidietly.

Hey i saw your screenshot, fixed in 5 minutes :D

A good little puzzle game, but the resetting does not work all the time. When you reset the room after collecting the extra grapples sometimes doors stay open, letting you through with grapples that you shouldn't get through. 

Hey, yes i know but i had pretty much work so don't good the time to fix this bug :( 

But i will fix it ;)

Keep going! Make more levels!! It's great!

Thank you :) I will 

Great job! I love the look, the sounds, and the game play. I hope you'll make more levels. :)

Thank you bro,  I will ;)

Awww.. this is a fun puzzle game.

Thanks :P

Very cool. Hope you add more content

Yes i will :D

it was nice


I rlly like this game plz add moreeeeeee

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Thank you xD I will maybe add content after the jam, think about rate my game if you have sumbitted your own ;)

Otay :3